The Golden Armour is a unique set of armor in the Beast Quest series. It is a magical set of armor that grants certain abilities to the wearer. Apparently, there is only one set of this armor that had ever been made.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each piece of the armor has some enchantments on them. This is the list of those enchantments per item:Edit

Helmet: Gives the user enhanced eye sight.Edit

Chainmail: Can expand to match the wearer's size.Edit

                 Gives the user a huge amount of willpower.Edit

Breastplate: Bestows the wearer superhuman strength.Edit

Gaunlets: Makes the user's sword skills sharper.Edit

Leg Armor: Grants the user extra stamina and makes the user a little more faster.Edit

Boots: Allows the user to jump to extreme lengths of distance and heights, and grants more speed to the user.Edit

Unique powers: Once the set of armor is complete, the wearer is automaticly healed of all wounds and is given an extra burst of energy and strength. Also even of the armor is off, the person who wore the amror at least once will still gain the enchantments granted to them.A side effect is that only the Master of the Beasts can wear the armor and gain it's magical properties, so not just anyone can use the armor! Another effect is that if the current Master of the Beasts die, the next master is granted the armor and its's properties.Edit