Ferno the Fire Dragon


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Tom is a boy who has always wanted an adventure, in which he has the chance to get after strange things-- the horses getting attacked, the river running low, and the crops burned-- happen in his village. He is sent by his Uncle Henry to send a complaint to the king, in which he meets Aduro, who prepares Tom, and his newly obtained horse Storm, for the BeastQuest. On the journey to Ferno's mountain, Tom and Storm gets chased by three men. Silver, a wolf, protects Tom and Storm and leads them to Elenna, who joins Tom on the journey. The four of them reach the top of the mountain, where they battle Ferno. Using the key that a boy gave him at the castle, he unlocked Malvel's spell over Ferno. Aduro was watching, and gives Tom the dragon scale, the reward for freeing Ferno and when put into Tom's shield, could deflect any heat. Tom and Elenna knew the quest wasn't over yet . . . Sepron, the second beast, is yet to be freed.

Main CharactersEdit


a boy that is sent on a top secret quest


a girl that Tom meets on his quest


Toms trusty stallion.


Elenna's Wolf

Ferno the Fire DragonEdit

the beast first to be set free.a cool beast