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Ferno is a fire dragon and the first beast to appear in Beast Quest Series 1. Before the first book, Ferno is attacked by Malvel the dark wizard and is forced to cause damage of extreme level to Avantia, instead of protecting it.

Ferno lives in southern Avantia, and therefore the damage or protection he causes is located there. He particularly protects the river called the Winding River.Oprah poop

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According to its card, Ferno is 288 years old. He also has a fright factor of 91, a magic level of 180 and a power of 212, but these figures have no measurement.


Ferno is also the source of the dragon scale, a very useful item when put into the magic shield. It stops all fire from damaging the shield and Tom himself. This is particularly useful in wildfires and when battling fire opponents such as Epos the flame bird.
Dragon scale-

dragon scal